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Meet The Team

Melissa Kemp


"Melissa is a front end developer with a passion for tech, art, music and pop culture. She put together the UI with Michael."

Ikechukwu Eze


Ike is a fullstack web developer based in Enugu, NG with love for designing super performant and scalable web apps. He designed and built the backend. "I love working in a team that doesn't take themselves too seriously and enjoys coding as much as they enjoy sharing laughter!"

Kristin Barr


Kristin is a web developer based in NYC with a passion for visual design.
"I aim to be part of a team building impactful products. I’m also a podcast and meetup junkie, enjoy biking, photography, and sewing. I love learning and meeting new people. Ask me about what I’m working on!"

Jeff Butler


"My name is Jeff Butler. I was one of the 3 React front end developers on the Dead or Alive application. We worked as a team to construct a game that will give you real time feebdack on current score, information about the celebrity, and a highscore board."

Michael Demery


" Hey, Im Mike front-end web design, team collaborator... Lambda"

Timothy McGowen


"I'm Timothy McGowen one of the React Developers that worked on the Dead or Alive application. Using components, hooks, and SCSS styles we were able to put together a game that is not only fun but functional."